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Stella Orobica Albosaggia

A Farm that welcomes your small pets in Albosaggia

The peasant's trade requires a great deal of effort every day of the year. This naturally affects

the ability to travel and make new encounters.

Thanks to the Agriturismo Stella Orobica of Albosaggia we can finally also have an active social life,

meet new people and enjoy their company, even welcoming your small pets.

And our visitors can discover the world of the farmer, and enjoy the delicious fruits of his work.

Today Stella Orobica manages two structures: the family one, the farmhouse open all year round,

and the accommodations in Alpe, owned by the city and open seasonally.

In both you can enjoy overnight stays and catering services,

even traveling with your four-legged friends.

Agriturismo immerso nella natura della Valtellina

Stella Orobica's family

How is it possible to conceive, build, care for and manage the many aspects that make Stella Orobica a popular destination for Albosaggia? We often ask ourselves this question as well, and the answer is probably the values of the family, in which each individual brings his own individual contribution.

  • Flavio ,  born in 1951, bosacc DOC, has seen with his own eyes all the changes of our country, from the hard times of subsistence to the economic well-being that arrived with the 90s. The passion for agriculture led him to leave the craft for a simpler life, becoming the operational arm of the company.

  • Elisabeth ,  born in 1957 in Basel, is of Swiss origin, and for the past 30 years has been Flavio's wife. Growing up on a beautiful farm in the Swiss hills, she brought some of its culture, tradition and mentality, giving added value to the farm. A skilled housewife and excellent cook, she knows how to face adversity with good will.

  • Giuliano ,  born in Albosaggia in 1980, is the mind and the glue: it is he who realizes the numerous projects of the agritourism, from concept to implementation. He coordinates and manages the activities and acts as a spokesperson for the whole group.

  • Luca , born in Albosaggia in 1983, is the expert hand behind our cheese. He interpreted, learned and experimented in the dairy art by himself, achieving excellent results.
    He personally follows the herd's summer activity and everything that happens in the cellar.

  • Liubov , born in Russia in 1986 and wife of Giuliano, from 2015 forward has faced the agricultural world of Valtellina. Once she settled in, she began to manage the kiosk on the path, Naturalmente Golosa, a profit-based venture, and supports her mother-in-law and her husband in the main activities of the farm.


Come and visit us in Albosaggia: we are happy to welcome you, and even your small pets!

Meats, cheeses and vegetables from our own production at Albosaggia

Stella Orobica offers its guests a varied menu designed to represent the essence of Valtellina and its small world.

By constantly thinking about each choice, we try to offer dishes that satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. The choice of the dishes we offer, rigorously prepared from ingredients of our own production, brings together all the elements of the typical Albosaggia cuisine.We experiment with combinations and new recipes, while keeping in mind the importance of our tradition: Sciatt, Pizzoccheri, Taroz, cheeses and cured meats never fail!

On reservation,  raclette, fondue, grills and many other gastronomic specialties are also available.

Menù agriturismo Stella Orobica

Ideal menus for every occasion

The restaurant service of the agriturismo farmhouse is available every day for lunch from 12.00 to 13.20, and in the evening we are open on Friday and Saturday from 19.20 to 21.00. Evenings from Monday to Thursday we are open only by telephone booking, for a minimum of 6 people.


The midday menu is meant for work, but by telephone booking we also do sciatt and pizzoccheri, while in the evening we concentrate on the proposal of the day, also setting up theme events.


The specialties of Stella Orobica's own production are also available for special events such as ceremonies, weddings, corporate events, games or theme events, for which we offer an excellent restaurant or buffet service.

Genuine homemade delicacies

Much of the vegetables that we use at Stella Orobica for the farm's kitchen was born in the home garden, treated with our long experience. The surpluses turn into preserves and other dishes, based on the teaching of Grandma.

The same is true for home-grown fruit, which grows here in multiple varieties.

During the season we harvest wild delights such as mushrooms, strawberries, blackberries, cherries, currants,

raspberries and much more in the wild.

The meats that end up in our dishes come from animals bred with the utmost care, grown by feeding on suitable and genuine food, running free in the pastures. Our flavors are inimitable and can only be found in the houses of the farmers: salamis, hams, pancetta, cotechino, mortadella and many other homemade specialties are just some of the proposals that enrich our menu.

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