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Stella Orobica Albosaggia
Agriturismo nella natura alpina

At Albosaggia, all the authenticity of alpine nature and goodness in Valtellina

For us at Stella Orobica, born and raised immersed in nature and in the Valtellina goodness, the wonder of Albosaggia and this beautiful corner of the province of Sondrio is a unique marvel to be preserved at any cost.

In the Alps it is possible to discover much more than the classic tourist centers that have made their fortune:

each mountain is a world of its own that contains splendid natural sceneries capable

of sharply contrasting with the buildings that can  be found at the bottom of the valley.

Agriturismo immerso nella quiete della natura

The lifestyle of Valtellina

Discovering the Valtellina nature and its goodness is very simple: just enter a small village, or walk along a path or a mule track. Right from the start you breathe the air that surrounds a humble but very healthy lifestyle, the one that those who came before us have enjoyed for years, season after season.


Stella Orobica moves its own steps to Albosaggia following the footprints of environmentally friendly men and women, countering the degradation driven by a consumer society.

Typical gastronomic specialties

The traditional food and wine delicacies that you can taste at the Stella Orobica agriturismo in Albosaggia are the emblem of nature and Valtellina goodness, and are able to bring together the palate of adults and children from the first bite.

On our tables there is no shortage of pizzoccheri, bresaola, sciatt, wine, cheese, honey, liqueurs, game, mushrooms, herbs and many other local delicacies, many of which are the result of our own work. If you do not know these typical specialties of our territory, taste them for the first time in their most genuine forms. It is an experience to try as soon as possible:

 we are waiting to welcome you at our farm in Albosaggia!

Attività all'aperto Agriturismo Stella Orobica
Luoghi d'interesse

Splendid day trips and outdoor activities at Albosaggia 

Valtellina is a unique land due to the wide range of possibilities it offers visitors:

from day trips to sports, from simple walks to the most demanding ones, everyone can be satisfied,

while the splendid panorama given by Mother Nature is the framework for many beautiful days.

At the Agriturismo Stella Orobica in Albosaggia we are always pleased to offer our guests directions

and information on the possibilities offered by the surrounding area.

For those who wish to gather some useful information before venturing forth on their journey in Valtellina,

the official website is an excellent reference point,

while the latest local news is available on .

Viaggio nella natura della Valtellina

Many activities are available for your trip

Now that you have joined us at the Agriturismo Stella Orobica in Albosaggia, what can you do here? There are really many activities offered by Valtellina, and they adapt to every type of preference, and also meeting the tastes of the more adventurous!

Below we offer a short list of points of interest and activities you may want to experience, as well as day trips that include the pleasure of good food:

  • Rafitng

  • Terme di Bormio

  • Horsebak riding

  • Climbing and Mountaineering

  • Golf

  • Melloblocco

  • Flying in Valtellina

  • Fly Emotion, from one country to another

  • Valtline

  • Sondrio

  • Valleys of Bitto

  • Sentiero Valtellina

  • Kitesurf

But that's not all: depending on what your tastes are, you can still discover much more of what our territory has to offer. For example, you can take a trip on Lake Como, or try the thrill of a mountainbike course. For the culture-hungry, the numerous museums and archaeological tours offered by Valtellina will certainly be worthy points of interest.

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