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Stella Orobica Albosaggia
Vendita diretta prodotti tipici valtellinesi

The fruits of Albosaggia from our land to your table

At the Stella Orobica Agricultural Company, Albosaggia, we work always keeping in mind our bond with tradition and Valtellina, our starting and arrival point, what every day has inspired us forward from the beginning.

In order to bring the fruits of our beautiful region from our land to your table, we always keep in mind the respect and care that this profession requires to produce, season after season, what we believe to be our greatest treasure.

Arte casearia valtellinese

The Valtellina dairy art

Stella Orobica was born in Albosaggia as a family-run farm in 2001, seeking new excellence

while respecting the ancient traditions of Valtellina.

We have always raised dairy cows producing raw milk cheeses, but market changes are pushing us to renew ourselves,

always bringing the best results from our land to your table.

The goal that animates us, since our inauguration, is to introduce the essence of Valtellina dairy art to new patrons,

building a modern and efficient company based on the solid foundations of knowledge from the past.

The peasant tradition that meets innovation

Stella Orobica in Albosaggia represents one of the few local realities that still practice transhumance on foot: cows are grazing 5 months a year, receiving daily care. In all we own 50 heads, 30 dairy cows and their daughters, our future. Because only the best passes from our land to your table, we place the welfare of these animals first, starting from the diet.

In addition to cows, pigs, dogs, cats, many other animals also keep us company at Albosaggia.The model we follow is the one handed down by tradition, adding a bit of innovation: we work with the best technicians and experiment with new solutions in compliance with our guiding principles, working to represent an inspiration for others.

In the valley, Stella Orobica manages:

30ha of stable lawns

15ha of pastures and meadows scattered over various mountain pastures of half altitude (800 / 1100m)

35ha of pastures in the San Salvatore area at 1400m altitude

110ha of pastures in the municipal pasture Lago della Casera

Prodotti caseari della Valtellina

From cow's milk to cheese

Good cheese comes only from good milk, and therefore how do you get it? At Stella Orobica we have chosen the most inaccessible road: our cows feed only on our local fodder, dried according to tradition. This allows a transfer of more particular organoleptic characteristics to the milk. Hygiene and cleanliness are added to this element, so as to obtain a very high quality product.

The second key element is the manual skill of the cheesemaker, indispensable for raw milk cheeses. The process of cheesemaking chosen by us in Albosaggia is as artisanal as possible.

Finally, seasoning in natural cellars completes the journey from cow's milk to cheese: the taste of the products pays off every effort.

The productions of Stella Orobica include:


  • 2 DOP BITTO DOP and Valtellina Casera DOP

  • RAW Panna Butter and Ricotta

  • STELLA OROBICA cheese, a top product

  • Cheese awarded with the Grolla D'oro from Saint Vincent: BOSAGELLA

A treasure in the farm...

Our Albosaggia farmhouse contains a treasure: our shop, where you can buy the fruit of our hard work and our long-standing passion. From cheeses to meats, from milk to wine, from butter to jams, all our natural products are genuine, healthy and, of course, nearby at zero km. We sell only what we would tastefully put on our own table, which we love to share with our guests, handing down a history of crafts, activities and traditions which is for us a priceless heritage.

Arte contadina in Valtellina

One day in the life of the shepherd

At one time everyone knew how to milk a cow, and knew the peculiarities of each season and the rhythms of agricultural time.

Today the same cannot be said, and the job of the shepherd and the farmer now seem to be exclusively linked to other times. This led us to Albosaggia to think of an inviting proposal, which would allow everyone to know the reality in which we grew up:

that of the mountain pasture.


From the middle of July until mid-September, during the period when we are grazing with animals, you can come and visit us near Lake Casera and spend with us the Shepherd's Day: you can try to milk, to let the calves drink and learn about our company history and life as a shepherd in general.

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